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How To Make The High School Team -- This is the second segment in our multi-part series on advice to help you make the high school team. The info and advice in these articles comes from the "experts," High school coaches from all over the country.

The always obvious two are to have a good attitude and good hustle. Some of the other things I look for are as follows:
  • Arm strength, foot speed, bat speed, and good glove


  • An athlete needs to be coachable (must at least try to do the things that the coach is asking)


  • The athlete must be willing to work hard on and off of the field.


  • The athlete must be a good citizen in his classes and on campus. The last thing I want is a call from another teacher or the discipline administrator about one of my players.


  • The student must be committed to maintaining good grades. This is the single biggest concept in getting a scholarship


  • Can the players be flexible. In high school especially, it is important for the athlete to play as many positions as possible. This can only help the team.

These are just some of the ideas and concepts that I look for in an athlete.

Scott Widner
Head Baseball Coach
Canyon Springs High School

The biggest tip I can give on how to make the high school team is that you take the time to promote yourself. When I say promote yourself I don't mean with mailings and statistics to your future coach, on how you have done in the past. I mean make the coach know who you are before try-outs begin. Do more than is expected in the off-season, ask the coaches advice on how you can get better, ask for his advice on camps and clinics that you can attend. Show a willingness to get better on your own and you will most certainly get an appropriate try-out and opportunity to make the team.

The areas that coaches evaluate are effort and ability. You need to make the most of both. If two players are of equal ability, but one player gives maximum effort in everything - that spot belongs to the guy that is making the most of things. Hustle everywhere and help with everything without being asked.

In short, the key to making the high school team is to promote yourself to the coach so that you get an appropriate try-out and to maximize your effort and ability to make the team.

If you don't make the team, at least you have done more than was expected of you to accomplish your goal.

Coach Kevin Johnston
Hopkins High School
Minnetonka, Minnesota

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