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We've decided to honor those high school baseball specific websites that we feel are among the very best.

After looking at over 1,000 high school baseball related websites I realized that there are some very nice efforts on the 'net. For a sample take a look at our "Best Websites" article.

The following are a few criteria that your site must meet to be considered for the award:

  • MUST have a link to the High School Baseball Web on your site
  • Contact information must be available and easy to find -- School address, telephone number, coach or webmaster email contact link, etc.
  • Needs to have both rosters and game schedules
  • A photo section or favorite link area is nice, but not mandatory
  • The site must have a simple and easy to understand navigation menu
  • The first page of the site must "load quickly" -- Sites that take over 5-10 seconds for the main page to load will cost you visitors

If you think that your site measures up and is among the very best send us an email. We'll review the site and let you know the results. Not all submitted sites will qualify for the award. Some may need a little tweaking before they qualify. Our goal is to keep the quality and content requirements of the winning sites at a high level.

Sites that qualify for the award will be given a link to the awards graphics page

Award Winners

Include The Following:
High School Name
Web address (url)

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