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Probability Of Playing
College and Professional Baseball

Here's another "making it to college baseball and the pros" probability table that I found while going through some information from the NCAA. These make good food for thought when you have a student-athlete that is more interested in sports than in the classroom.


  • Less than three in 50, or about 5.6 percent, of high school senior boys interscholastic baseball players will go on to play men's baseball at a NCAA member institution.

  • Less than eleven in 100, or about 10.5 percent, of NCAA senior male baseball players will get drafted by a Major League Baseball (MLB) team.

  • Approximately one in 200, or approximately 0.5 percent of high school senior boys playing interscholastic baseball will eventually be drafted by an MLB team.





Ice Hockey

"S" Word
High School Athletes 549,000 983,600 455,300 29,900 321,400
High School Senior Athletes 157,000 281,000 130,100 8,500 91,800
NCAA Athletes 15,700 56,500 25,700 3,700 18,200
NCAA Freshman Athletes 4,500 16,200 7,300 1,100 5,200
NCAA Senior Athletes 3,500 12,600 5,700 800 4,100
NCAA Athletes Drafted 44 250 600 33 76
High School to NCAA 2.9% 5.8% 5.6% 12.9% 5.7%
NCAA to Professional 1.3% 2.0% 10.5% 4.1% 1.9%
High School to Professional 0.03% 0.09% .5% .4% 0%

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