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by: Bob Howdeshell
High School Baseball Web

High school athletes being recruited by one or more colleges must always be alert to improper tactics used by some recruiters. Most college coaches are honest men, who are interested in you as a total person. Some few, however, are interested in you only if you can help their athletic program. Such coaches are to be avoided. fortunately, they are pretty easy to spot. If you are being contacted by one or more college coaches, keep these pointers in mind:

Watch Out For

The coach who "bum raps" other schools and coaches. Some coaches try to make their own light shine brighter by blowing out everyone else's. When they resort to this tactic, their own light isn't very bright in the first place. You want to know this.

The coach only talks about how great his program is. It may be a good one, but if that's the only thing he talks about, you are being recruited only to keep it good. College for you is much more than helping someone else maintain his reputation.

The coach that promises you a starting position right away. Obviously, there are some entering freshman who are good enough to be starters right away, but they are few and far between. Listen to the recruiter who is honest with you now, because only then will he be honest with you later.

The coach who doesn't give an oral commitment to a four - or five - year scholarship. The NCAA allows only a one-year, renewable scholarship, but honest recruiters can promise more than one year. Make sure the recruiter makes such a verbal commitment to you, your parents, and your coach.

The coach who puts you in touch with a "booster" from the college. The NCAA permits no contact with boosters. If you even talk to one, you jeopardize your future.

The coach who promises easy admission, easy professors, or an easy schedule. He has no interest in you as a student.

The coach who says that his school's academic program, in your field of study is the best in the nation. Have your guidance counselor check this out.

The coach who promises to let your best friend "walk-on" with the team. Rarely is such a coach concerned with the interests of your friend. He is using your friend to get to you.

There are other tactics to watch out for. Whenever you have a question or concern, be sure to talk to your high school coach.

You can find additional information about recruiting at the NCAA Online

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